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Windows Slimmer Free

Get Your Windows Slim and Fit Today

Windows Slimmer cleans your PC from unneeded components and applications
to make your Windows system more compact and efficient.

Version | 18.9MB. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.
14+ years

on the market
5-star awards
from industry experts
50+ million
user downloads

How Windows Slimmer Works

The importance of cleaning

Even after running regular junk cleanup, your Windows may still have hundreds of unneeded system files, apps and other items that may be weighing down your PC. Things like old System Restore points, Windows Update files, outdated Windows libraries or disabled system components may take up a ton of disk space and reduce performance. Run a checkup with Auslogics Windows Slimmer and give your operating system a proper deep cleanup.

Safe and simple

Windows Slimmer gives you an easy way to remove unneeded Windows components, uninstall apps and tweak settings to make your operating system’s footprint on your drive smaller, to reduce the amount of memory and CPU power it uses and to protect your privacy by preventing unnecessary data transmission.

Trusted product from
a trusted developer

Auslogics Windows Slimmer is a product of Auslogics Labs. Since 2008 the quality of Auslogics products has been recognized by major IT industry players, such as Intel and Microsoft, and highly rated by world-renowned IT experts.
Over 10,000,000 users worldwide are currently enjoying the benefits Auslogics software provides for their computers.

Windows Slimmer Free Today

and get your Windows size under control

Version | 18.9MB. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

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Windows Slimmer

Windows checkup &
essential slimdown

Today’s price:
194.65HKD (reg. 229.00HKD)

1 year / 3 PC license
Basic Windows Slimmer functionality
Ultra-fast scanning engine
One-time maintenance
Regular maintenance
Smart Compact OS feature to maximize space
Notification settings control
Extended Priority Support
Ask a Question option for live expert answers at a click of a button
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