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Updated as of Monday, May 22 to reflect Glenn “Shemy” Schembechler’s statement regarding his resignation from the University of Michigan football program.

Three days after joining the Michigan football team as an Assistant Director of Football Recruiting, Glenn “Shemy” Schembechler resigned Saturday evening amid controversy surrounding his social media presence.

The son of former Michigan coach Glenn “Bo” Schembechler, Shemy previously interned at the University of Michigan from 1993-1995, working in the recruiting department. Bouncing around scouting positions in the NFL, Shemy’s short-lived return to Ann Arbor supposedly marked a homecoming for the youngest Schembechler.

However, social media users rapidly unearthed a variety of Twitter interactions that sparked concern. On a now-deactivated Twitter account, Shemy seemed to endorse a variety of posts that promoted racist and bigoted content via likes and retweets. Upon announcement of his resignation, Michigan Athletics released the following statement:

“Effective this afternoon, Shemy Schembechler has resigned his position with Michigan Football. We are aware of some comments and likes on social media that have caused concern and pain for individuals in our community. Michigan Athletics is fully committed to a place where our coaches, staff and student-athletes feel welcome and where we fully support the University’s and Athletic Department’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Warde Manuel, Donald R. Shepherd Director of Athletics

Jim Harbaugh, J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach”

Evidently, Shemy was aware of the stir his social media was causing even before his resignation and while already on Michigan’s staff. Some Twitter users pointed out that he was removing interactions off of his page, such as likes, appearing to erase potentially controversial and incendiary content.

The damage had already been done, though, as Shemy left the program not even 72 hours later.

On Monday of the following week, as fallout continued to swirl around the Michigan football program, Shemy released a statement regarding his resignation. Within his response, he issued an “unabashed and unequivocal apology to (his) hundreds of friends and fellow coaches in the Black community” for his actions on social media.

Nevertheless, these words may ring hollow for many as the Michigan athletic department scrambles to contain yet another public relations fiasco.