Michigander performs on stage. Blue and pink lights shine on his face as he plays guitar and sings.
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On their spring tour following their most recent EP, It Will Never Be The Same, Michigander performed in Detroit on Saturday, April 15. The concert was their biggest show to date, with Saint Andrew’s Hall completely sold out by the time of the show.

Abby Holliday, a 25-year-old indie pop artist based in Nashville, Tenn., opened for Michigander. Her raw and personal songs, like “Ohio Laundry Room,” captivated the crowd and made them excited for the main act.

Starting with “Stay Out Of It,” lead vocalist Jason Singer transformed the room, with audience members dancing and jumping to the upbeat and vibrant tones of the song. The Grand Rapids native managed to transform the room with the help of his band members and the colorful lights illuminating the stage.

Guitarist Jake LeMond (top left) and bassist Connor Robertson (top right) perform at Michigander’s spring tour in Detroit, Mich. on April 15.

Michigander’s enthralling performance, generating an electric energy in the room, likely made for an unforgettable night for everyone crowding the sold-out venue.

Riley Nieboer/Daily. Buy this photo.

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